Value added services

In addition to warehousing and transportation we offer you a wide range of value added services

It is not all about warehousing only as we offer a wide range of value added services in our logistic centers for our warehousing customers or as separate projects. Speed to market and cost efficiency is the key. When the value added services are done already in the warehouse you avoid unnecessary handling and transportation.

Our value added services include e.g. labeling, pricing, localization, pre-assembly, re-packing to new sales units, kits or displays. We can produce different types of labels directly in the warehouse and even help with packaging development. 

The value added services come always fully tailored and carried out according to our customers' requirements. The service portfolio is extended when needed to cover each specific assignment. 

Installations and pre-assembly

Does your goods need pre-assembly, installation or software updates prior to delivery? We assemble e.g. copiers according to our customers' orders, update the latest software and even make the final installations.

Our technical distribution experts deliver and install the goods to your customers and even give basic user training on location if needed. 

Packaging services

Will your goods need re-packing to smaller sales units or to new product sets? This is one of our basic value added services and we are even able to help you acquire and develop the packaging at a competitive price.


Are the goods missing country specific information or do you need to update or localize the labels? We are up to the task and will label the goods for you whether it be a campaign or missing price tag. We are able to produce various labels on site and work according to your specifications. 

Display production

The FMCG and beverage industries are known for smart and eye catching in-store displays. We can pick and pack the goods into shop-ready displays or dollies in order to secure the speed to market and maximize the sales potential.


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