Cargo Insurance

Why should you get a cargo insurance?

For all types of transportation, the carrier has a liability insurance, which covers the carrier’s legal liability. Carrier’s legal liability is limited by international treaties and regulations. As a result, in a case of injury or loss, possibly only a small part of the value of the goods is compensated by this insurance.

By taking the DSV Cargo Insurance, you can be sure that you can get the overall compensation in case of injury or loss of the goods under the terms of insurance.

You will also benefit from:

  • One -stop shopping
  • All-risks insurance
  • Competetive rates
  • Custom-made insurance
  • Fast claims handling

Different insurance products

DSV Cargo Insurance

  • All-risks insurance.
  • It's possible to take out an insurance for full invoice value plus up to 10%.
  • Full coverage.
  • No deductible in most of the cases.
  • Insurance premium and minimun charge depends on cargo classification.

15 for 15

  • Get cover up to 15000 € just for 15 €.
  • Valid only to packed standard goods excluding certain countries.
  • Cargo insurance available when you book through myDSV.

In addition to cargo insurance, DSV offers also a value added service DSV Protect.

The easiest way to get the cargo insurance is to buy it together with you transport booking. For more information please contact our sales personnel by calling, tel. +358 (0)20 738 8388 or by e-mail

Air and sea transports: insurance.airsea @

Road transports: insurance.road @

Read more about the terms of insurance here (PDF)

Download White Paper about Cargo insurance