Instructions in case of damage

In case of damage or loss the consignee must follow a few basic steps to receive the possible compensation.

To be entitled to the possible compensation the consignee must make a claim to the carrier as soon as possible after receiving the goods. When receiving a shipment the consignee must follow these steps:

  • Check the exterior condition of the goods immediately at arrival.
  • Make clear and simple written reservations to the bill of lading in case of exterior damage and/or loss

If the damage or loss cannot be detected externally, make written a claim to the carrier

  • road transport: within seven (7) days from arrival (excluding bank holidays)
  • sea transport: within three (3) days from arrival and
  • air transport: within 14 days of delivery.

If the above time limits are exceeded, the goods are considered to be in the condition indicated in the bill of lading.

Claims registration procedure

The claim must include information about the damaged goods, its net weight as well as the quality and quantity of the damage. Also the notifier and the date of the notification must be included. Forward your claim together with all the enclosures and with shipment ID to the DSV contact person handling the shipment or to the DSV Customer Service.

The required enclosures:
  • Commercial invoice of the shipment
  • Document stating the weight of the damaged or lost goods (dispatch list or corresponding document)
  • Transport document (waybill or corresponding document)
  • Possible photos of the goods and the damage 

Donwload claims form

Alternatively, you can file a claim via myDSV portal. Submitted claims will automatically be forwarded to our global claims handling system. You can also follow the process via myDSV.

Things to consider in the claims process 

Reserve the carrier or insurance company a possibility to inspect the damage and store the damaged goods separated from other goods during the whole claims handling process unless agreed otherwise. Retain also the packaging materials. Do no deliver the damaged goods further unless having agreed otherwise with the carrier.

We would also like to remind you that the goods must be properly packed and the packaging must sustain the normal stress during transportation and possible reloading.

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