Class 6.1 / 6.2

Toxics and Infectious substances

toxicClass 6.1 – Toxics

These are chemical poisons that can damage the human body, in whole or in part. They must not be allowed to get inside the body, through swallowing, breathing in, or by absorption through the skin.

The toxics range in power from those which kill in minutes, e.g. the cyanides, to those which would injure but not necessarily kill, so long as the dose were not excessive, e.g. the chlorinated hydrocarbons Toxics in Class 6.1 can be in solid or liquid form. Toxic gases are in Class 2.3.

Toxicity is mostly determined by tests on live animals.

Generally 6.1 should not be must not be carried with foodstuffs, however there are exceptions.

Class 6.2 – Infectious substances

Division 6.2 goods contain pathogens, i.e. micro-organisms that cause infectious disease in humans or animals. They are graded for danger for transport into one of three groups, of which only the first two are considered dangerous for transport on infectious grounds.

Category A: Capable of causing permanent disability, life threatening or fatal disease to humans or animals.

Category B: An infectious substance which does not meet the criteria for inclusion in Category A.