Railway services

DSV can provide you with enhanced rail services alongside air and sea freight.

Alongside air and sea freight DSV can now provide you with enhanced rail services for both export and import shipments to and from China. Recently, rail has positioned itself directly between sea and air, being less costly than air freight and faster than sea freight.

Rail is ideal for businesses whose goods have a lifespan that is too short to allow shipment by sea. It is also interesting for low-margin or heavy products where air freight is too costly.

Advantages of our rail services include:

  • Environmental friendly solutions
  • Shorter transit time than by ocean (average 25 days shorter)
  • A competitive pricing alternative to airfreight
  • Dedicated DSV rail staff at your service
  • DSV insurance full coverage


Standard services

We are happy to offer you both import and export rail services between Finland and several destinations in China.

We can provide you with

  • LCL export service
  • FCL export service
  • LCL import service
  • FCL import service 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for details!