To ensure that your shipment arrives safely, packaging is highly important

It is important that you pack and label your shipment correctly.

A strong cardboard box large enough to include sufficient cushion materials to protect the contents is required. All packages must be clearly labelled. 

Standard DSV XPress and DSV XPress Economy limits

  • Maximum length of each parcel is 270 cm.
  • Maximum girth length per parcel is 330 cm
    (length + 2 x width + 2 x height).
  • Larger packages are considered DSV XPress Special Services shipments and are handled on request.

Calculation of weight and size

The calculation of price is based on volume weight if it exceeds the actual weight of your shipment.

  • Calculation of volume weight: (length cm x height cm x width cm) / 4000
  • 1 cbm = 250 kg

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