Road transport in Europe in summer 2020

The coming summer will be exceptional due to COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, holiday season and public holidays affect transportation.

The coming summer will be exceptional in many ways. We would like to remind you of a few points, so that logistics would run smoothly according to needs and expectations. Many countries are easing restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic, but logistic bottlenecks remain. Ferry traffic is not normal and stricter security measures e.g. in terminals and loading places slow down the work.

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This year, tourist traffic during the holiday season will presumably be lower than normal and the impact on i.a. congestion will be smaller. However, it is impossible to predict the tourist movement in late summer. It is possible, that queues on motorways and ferries will be seen in Europe in August as usual.

In addition to midsummer, there are several public holidays in Europe that are worth considering. We will naturally do our utmost to foresee these exceptional conditions in order to maintain the high quality of our transport services and to avoid delays as much as possible. We do ask you, however, to take the above into consideration when planning your company's own delivery timetables.

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