Coronavirus situation in Italy

In Italy, the coronavirus has spread in several cities, leading to massive measures. Restrictions will tighten even more on 25 March. The situation affects transportation.

Port in Italy

Various security measures against the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy affect the country's infrastructure and the possibilities of transporting goods. DSV is monitoring the situation and the below news article is updated as we receive further information.

Status on 24th March 2020

Italy is going to tighten restrictions due to coronavirus. Italians have been told to stay indoors and avoid all non-essential travel. Italy have already closed all commercial activities for retailer customers except food stores and pharmacies.

The Italian government ordered all 'non-essential' businesses to close after 25 March as part of the fight to contain Italy's coronavirus crisis. Majority of Italian companies will close down by Thursday 26 March at the latest. These restrictions apply at least until 3 April 2020. The situation is extremely challenging for transport.

The European terminal network is congested due to many receivers are closed and warehouses are full. This has led to the goods being returned to their country of origin if delivery is not possible.

It is important for the customers to check in advance whether the foreign company is accepting the goods or shipping goods at all.

Status on 12th March 2020

The Italian authorities are taking serious action to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The restrictions apply to the all of Italy. Movement is restricted throughout the country. According to the new Italian regulation, anybody travelling on Italian territory must be accompanied by an Italian authorization form. This also applies to transport of goods. The restrictions have been announced to be valid until 3 April 2020.

To our knowledge, Italy shuts all retailers except food stores and pharmacies. Consignments addressed to such recipients cannot currently be delivered and should remain in their country of origin. However, the situation is constantly evolving. It is important for the customer to check in advance whether the Italian consignee is accepting the goods or whether the company is shipping goods at all.

Currently, transportation in Italy is very slow. Both, deliveries in Italy and operations of local dispatch centers have slowed down due to, among other things, medical examinations to drivers. Transport capacity also poses challenges, we are increasingly relying on rail transport and local drivers. Although our operations in Italy continue, delays in transportation must be taken into account.

Transporting goods is still possible from Italy to Austria and vice versa. Border control has been temporarily reintroduced at Italy's internal border. Truck and lorry drivers will undergo a medical examination (i.a. body temperature measurement) upon arrival at the border. Delays can be expected.

Status on 9th March 2020 

Italy is isolating several provinces in the north to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The order applies to the Lombardy region surrounding Milan and to at least 15 provinces.

The virus epidemic affects also transportation. Currently, Italian shipments are transported in both directions, but there are delays. As some of the companies are closed, it is good for the customer to check in advance whether the Italian consignee is accepting the goods or whether the company is shipping goods at all.

DSV is closely monitoring the situation

The situation of the coronavirus epidemic is constantly evolving. We are monitoring the situation and we will keep you informed as the situation changes.

We will contact our customers on a case-by-case basis if the shipment cannot be delivered / collected for reasons beyond our control.