How will the Post strike and support actions affect transportation?

The Post strike and the expanded support actions in Finland will certainly affect DSV’s transportation. We will update the news as the situation evolves.

The Post strike and the expanded support actions will certainly affect DSV’s transportation. At the moment the Finnish Seafarers' Union SMU and Transport Workers’ Union AKT have started their support actions for the strike of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU.

The support actions of SMU expanded on Thursday 21 November at 6 am by refusing to load trucks, tankers or trailers on the car decks of ropax and passenger ferries operating in foreign traffic. As from Monday 25 November the freight, ropax and passenger ferries operating under Finnish flag and arriving in Finnish ports after 6 am would stay in ports.

Also AKT have announced sympathy actions. At present, the union has prohibited both working overtime and changing shifts for workers of lorry industry, stevedores, and warehouse and harbour workers in freight forwarding sector. On Monday 25 November support action will expand to capital city region’s public transportation and maintenance workshops.

Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT has announced that AKT’s dockers will start a support strike on Thursday 28 November at 06:00 am. The dockers’ strike will continue until Saturday 30.11.2019 06.00 am unless an agreement in the Post strike is reached earlier. In case of strike, vessels will not be operated and any work governed by the agreement between AKT and the Port Operators union will not be done.  

The effects of the expanded support actions to our operations would be significant and our possibilities to reroute deliveries are limited. DSV’s export and import shipments will also slow down significantly or stop altogether, depending on the progress of our exemption arrangements. We will do our utmost to minimise the effects of the enhanced strike to the deliveries of our customers.

Please, note that the situation will not return to normal immediately after the strike. It will take time to clear the congestion that has accumulated during the strike and delays and there will be delays in processing shipments.

Road transports during the strike

Route via Stockholm is heavily congested and after AKT’s announcement about expanding support strike, all the new bookings to/from Scandinavia can only be handled via Haparanda. Haparanda route serves also traffic from/to UK and Ireland and Central Europe. Other routes from/to Europe pass through the Baltic countries until further notice.

All import and export shipments will be handled using re-routing possibilities and additional strike surcharges will be charged. We can not commit to normal timetables so transport times will be longer than usual. We will handle shipments case by case using special arrangements and the routes currently available.

Sea transports during the strike

In practice AKT’s strike will paralyze all operations in the Finnish ports as per Thursday 28 November at 06:00 am. Strike will delay operations of both export and import vessels, and delays and changes to schedules are likely to extend also to the following week. During the strike full containers cannot be delivered to terminals and empty containers won’t be released from depots.

Rail transports during the strike

The strike will not affect the international rail transportation until further notice. Support actions might affect the domestic rail services in Finland.

Air transports during the strike

Finnish Aviation Union IAU will support the strike on Monday 25 November from 6 am until 24 pm. This will affect the airport technicians, ground services, cargo handling, catering services and security control. Superiors intend to take care of some of the activities, but airport activities will certainly be affected.

We will be monitoring the development of the situation continuously and will revert to the matter as soon as more information is available. Your own contacts at DSV will provide you with more detailed information. Check the contact information below:

News was originally published on 21 November and updated on 25 November 2019.