Managing the warehouse management system

Jukka Lehikoinen is an expert of warehouse management system and system development in DSV Solution.

Jukka LehikoinenFirst Jukka came to DSV to coordinate air export shipments. In addition to that Jukka was also a part of development team elaborating different systems and processes. Jukka has studied Engineering of Industrial Management so developing is kind of his business.

“I enjoyed working in traffic department, but my interest in developing took the victory. When Solutions announced the open post in BCM team, I decided to go for it.”

Now Jukka is a part of a small Business Change Management team working mostly with warehouse management system.

“We implement new customers to the system, take care of the involving electronic message traffic and handle requests concerning system support. I organize system trainings if needed. Also new DSV Logistics Center keeps us busy because customers are transferred to new warehouse and implemented in the new system.”

Everything is not handled in Finland though. Jukka is in contact with DSV Global IT and Global BCM teams daily.

“We have some cooperation with other Nordic countries. Once a year we have a conference in Netherlands with current topics. There we meet colleagues all around the world.”

Technology and digitalization are taking bigger and bigger role also in logistics branch. It is important to keep up with development.

“Both technology and systems are progressing all the time and their importance is increasing in the future. Global BCM organizes trainings regularly to keep us involved.”

Working days are not the same in BCM team and often something unpredictable comes up. Jukka considers it as richness. “I learn something new every day. It is very interesting to be involved in developing processes that benefit customers.”