Operating sea traffic from China

Milla Kärmeniemi is operating sea transports especially from China.

Milla KarmeniemiMilla Kärmeniemi has been working with sea transports since she came to DSV. Milla started as a summer trainee and continued working as a sea traffic coordinator also after graduation.

Milla handles import shipments coming mainly from China. As a traffic coordinator she handles the booking and takes care of almost everything until the shipment arrives to Finland – also invoicing and claims. A traffic coordinator must be aware and up to date with all the customs regulations.

“Best thing about this job is the diversity. Even though the same themes keep repeating, days are not the same.”

In addition to sea transports Milla also handles rail freight between China and Finland. Besides, Milla has some nominated customers, whose shipments she takes care of.

”I’m in contact with customers on a daily basis, but also with shipping companies, carriers, terminals and our representatives. English is needed every day, and extensive language skills are really an advantage.”

DSV transports sea freight all over the world. There are multiple laws and regulations affecting the transports that need to be taken into account, both in origin and destination countries.

”Luckily our local DSV partner for example in China helps with regulations and necessary permissions, so we don’t have to be experts in everything.”

For Milla Kärmeniemi a possibility to develop in one’s work is very important. “A suitable amount of responsibility and variability, good team spirit and possibility to make progress. When those are in order, high motivation is guaranteed.”