Salesperson knows what customer needs

Salesman is always on the move. Southern Finland is the territory of Janne Alaluusua, Sales Representative of DSV.

Janne AlaluusuaOne could say that Janne Alaluusua is an inseparable part of DSV. He started as a traffic coordinator trainee for more than 15 years ago and has enjoyed working in DSV ever since. Janne studied logistics and international business, so it was an obvious choice to work with logistics.

“Studies scratched only the surface of logistics. Work has taught me to understand what logistics really is about.”

After working as a traffic coordinator for years, Janne wanted new challenges. Janne was interested in sales and as a social person and with work experience inside DSV, Janne believed he would also have something to contribute. Now he has been selling road transport services for about three years.

”First I worked in indoor sales and it was all about learning. I answered customer queries and made a lot of transport quotations. I also had a few customers of my own. It gave me a good basis to work in outdoor sales.“

As a sales representative Janne has stepped out of the office and into the customers’ territory. Business meetings keep Janne on the move, but the work has also become more versatile.

“I really like my job. Not a single day is the same and I like being on the move. Customers are versatile and it is nice and challenging to produce them various solutions. I’m also more and more confident in front of the audience because I know what I’m doing.”

When Janne is not on the move, he works with customer queries and tenders in the DSV Logistics Center in Vantaa, where most of the office space is open.

“Working in open space has been a positive thing. I’m always up to date of what’s going on and it’s easier to swap opinions with colleagues. On the other hand, you can also do sales from home. When I’m telecommuting, I enjoy talking on the phone with the customers without interruptions.”

Janne enjoys working in DSV. He is happy that in a big company it’s possible to develop professionally and get new challenges. ”I still feel like a beginner as a salesperson. This post will offer me challenges for a long time ahead!”