The biller plays an important role

Iwona Turunen has a long history with DSV and she has been witnessing the change of invoicing process at short range.

Iwona TurunenIwona Turunen started working in DSV more than 10 years ago, at fist as Invoicing Officer. She had earlier been a freight forwarder in Poland and wanted to make use of her expertise.

“First I was afraid, that my Finnish was not good enough to express my knowledge. But my fear was unnecessary. My language got better and better while working and now I am satisfied with my Finnish.”

Invoicing has changed a lot within a short time. When Iwona started in DSV, invoicing was done manually and invoicing officer was responsible for what kind of invoice the customer received.

”Currently invoicing is mainly automatic and our job is largely to investigate and fix errors and also tackle the causes and problems within the invoicing process. Today giving instructions is the greater part of my job.”

Iwona jumped into sales for few years to work as a Sales Assistant before returning to invoicing department as Team Lead.

”It was actually a jackpot.” Invoicing and operative background was very useful especially when making offers. Now the experience from sales has been useful in my current job and has helped me to widen my perspective."

Tackling and reporting errors and malfunctions represent a big part of Iwona’s job. To be able to get the message through, it has to be short and formal. For Iwona it is more and more important to get also negative messages through as nicely as possible.

“Good relationships with colleagues are more and more important. I don’t want to be seen purely in a negative light. I want to be able to do my job well in this automatic environment, too.”