Sales and Business Development

Kalle Hartikainen works in Indoor Sales of DSV Air & Sea, but he is also a Business Development Specialist.

Kalle HartikainenKalle Hartikainen started his DSV career as a trainee. He has studied international trade and supply chain management. Kalle had also worked among logistics before, so it was easy to come to DSV.

”The studies give a good basis for working in this sector. However, theory and practice are two different things. From school you get paradigms that you can apply to practice at work.”

Working in Indoors Sales of Air & Sea is more about handling a lot of queries and quote request than meeting customers face-to-face.

”We receive a lot of queries concerning both air and sea transports. Making quotes, doing statistics, resolving problems and answering to inquiries, that’s what I do daily. We have both nominated customers and so-called spot customers. We also spend time doing customer mapping.”

“Great thing in this job is to be able to communicate with various people. And of course, the feeling of success, when you resolve some problem so that everyone is satisfied.”

When dealing with countries all over the world, understanding all the country-specific regulations is very important. The time difference must be taken into account when communicating to the other side of the globe.

“I have come across with all kinds of countries. Furthermost or the most extraordinary countries are probably Vanuatu, Greenland or Benin. Language skills are needed daily. I speak English and Swedish, and I am able to communicate in French and Italian too, at least by email."

Besides sales, Kalle is also a Business Development Specialist and is involved in multiple projects developing business and processes.

”Developing the business is very interesting and it’s very important to strive to develop. I think one of the best things in my work is being involved in creating something new.”