Janette Pokkinen, Young DSV Trainee

Janette didn’t hesitate, when she got a change to participate Young DSV Programme.

Janette PokkinenJanette Pokkinen started in DSV as a traffic coordinator trainee coordinating export to Holland, Belgium, Great Britain and Ireland. A bit later Janette got a permanent job as a traffic coordinator of export traffics to France, Spain and Portugal, and very soon she was able to handle those traffics independently.

Janette didn’t hesitate, when she got a change to participate Young DSV Programme. She met the criteria and started Young DSV Academy among 25 other international young trainees.

Young DSV Programme includes 8 modules of theoretical studies. All the modules are week-long periods and teaching takes place in DSV headquarters in Hedehusene, Denmark.

”Weeks in Hedehusene are very busy. We learn so many new things in only five days and do a lot of challenging exercises. After every week we also get some homework for the next time.”

After theoretical studies, every trainee must pass the final exam and do a diploma work.

“Even though studying is hard, it motivates me and makes me committed to my work. It’s also rewarding to get to know so many new people all over the world.”

The differences between countries become very clear during the training. “It has been an honour to be a Finnish DSV ambassador in Young DSV Academy.”

At present, Janette is working as a transport coordinator in European Dispo Department. Working days vary a lot. “I have my own range of responsibility. If I’m not doing my job, it’s immediately detected. On the other hand, I am able to schedule my work. Responsibility also increases motivation.”

Young DSV Programme has given Janette a great opportunity to get familiar with different departments and jobs inside DSV.

“Training provides a good basis for versatile jobs in DSV and logistics industry."